Investor Relations Contact

Christian Bekkevold Nilsen, CFO 
André Moe Bakke, IR
Visiting address: 
Quantafuel ASA
Lilleakerveien 2C, 0283 Oslo


Registrar and tax

Quantafuel’s shares are listed in Norway on the Euronext Growth, and trade under the ticker code QFUEL.
The asset value of the Quantafuel ASA share, which should be used in the tax return for 2021, is NOK 3.20 (2020: 2.03). Multiplied by the number of shares, this will give the taxable asset value for each individual shareholder in the company.
Norwegian: Formuesverdien av aksjen i Quantafuel ASA, som skal benyttes i skattemeldingen for 2021, er 3,20 (2020: 2,03 kroner). Multiplisert med antall aksjer gir dette den ligningsmessige formuesverdien for hver enkel aksjonær i selskapet.
Questions regarding your shareholding or assistance (change of address, transfer of shares etc.)
should be directed to your local account operator or our registrar as shown below.
Registrars Deparment
PO Box 1600 Sentrum
N-0021 Oslo
Phone: +47 23 26 80 20