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Good relations and an open, active dialogue with shareholders, potential investors, analysts and other participants in the capital markets shall build trust and contribute to reduced costs of capital for Quantafuel.

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Governance in Quantafuel

Quantafuel shall conduct its business with integrity, respecting the laws, cultures, dignity and rights of individuals in all of the countries where we operate.

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Quantafuel helps build a circular economy for plastics that increases resource utilisation and reduces emissions. We rescue low-value waste from its final stop at the incineration plant and put it back into a cycle where it becomes new products.

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The partnership is a first step to building up a broad supply base for Chemcycled products. This enables us to support our customers in achieving their sustainability targets. 

– Hartwig Michels, president Petrochemicals, BASF




Our Technology

Our Technology 

What makes Quantafuel unique is that we have developed technology that purifies the gas formed in the process and alters the molecules. This allows us to produce a chemically-recycled, attractive product that satisfies significant demand in the market.

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