Pollution Solution

Quantafuel upgrades plastic waste into valuable products that are in high demand.
The entire value chain is circular, and production takes place by means of chemical recycling at Quantafuel’s facilities.


Our Solution



We are Quantafuel

We are Quantafuel

Quantafuel develops technology that is contributing to solving the global waste problem. In collaboration with dedicated partners, we have achieved the combined goals of recycling low-quality plastic and sustainable waste management.

The Challenge

Plastic is the manmade material with the fastest growth worldwide, and we have become completely reliant on it. Why?

Our solution

Our solution is to place a value on plastic waste. We must start treating used plastic as a valuable resource, establishing a model for plastic waste collection and upgrading it to recycled products. The entire value chain needs to be circular.


The Technology

From day one, Quantafuel’s fundamental idea has been to solve the world’s plastic waste problem by transforming soiled plastic into new products. That’s our contribution to the circular economy of plastic waste.

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Plants & Projects

In line with Quantafuel’s vision to become the world’s most significant contributor to the sustainable handling of plastic waste, we are finally ready to roll out technology and plants throughout Europe and beyond.

We’re going to turn it into the biggest plastic recycler in the world. 

– Russel Hardy, CEO Vitol (January 2020 in Financial Times)

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