The challenge, plastic waste

Our Solution

Our solution is to place a value on plastic waste. We must start treating used plastic as a valuable resource, establishing a model for waste plastic collection and upgrading it to recycled products. The entire value chain needs to be circular.

The value chain Quantafuel

Quantafuel’s starting point was to create technology that could recycle used hydrocarbons from oil and gas in a rational manner. We developed a solution in which plastic waste is heated, broken down and reassembled into valuable products. A major advantage of our technology is that it allows for impurities and a mix of different colours and different types of plastics. The usual process of separating plastic and cleaning it is costly and prone to waste. Many have attempted to go down Quantafuel’s route before, but only we have succeeded.

Our Solution

We receive payment both for accepting waste plastic and for the end product we sell.

Our technology is scalable and can be used anywhere. We also have a competitive advantage over traditional oil and gas because we have developed a type of refinery that utilises oil in the form of plastic waste. We receive payment both for accepting plastic and for the end product that we sell. Our raw materials are cheap, since waste is low value and disposing waste plastic is costly. From the customer’s point of view, the focus is on supplying chemically recycled quality products that are in great demand and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

If we had managed to collect all the plastic waste in the world, we could have reduced the need for new oil production corresponding to two-and-a-half times Norway’s oil and gas production.


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The Challenge

Plastic is the man-made material growing fastest worldwide, and we have become completely reliant on it. Why?

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The Technology

From day one, Quantafuel’s fundamental idea has been to solve the world’s plastic waste problem by transforming soiled plastic into new products. This is our contribution to the circular economy of plastic waste.

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Plants & Projects

In line with Quantafuel’s vision to become the world’s most significant contributor to the sustainable handling of plastic waste, we are now ready to roll out technology and plants throughout Europe.

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