Quantafuel develops technology that contributes to solve the global waste problem

Vision, mission & values

Quantafuel’s vision is to drive a sustainable future by converting plastic waste into valuable products. 



Quantafuel’s mission is to create value from plastic waste with traceable and circular value chains based on our open, collaborative and innovative culture.


Quantafuel’s values are AGILE, BUSINESS-DRIVEN and CARING. We describe these as Quantafuel’s ABC.  

We are proud of our values as they reflect who we are and what we stand for. 


  • We are innovative
  • We adjust to the situation
  • We move fast


  • We seek, create and develop commercial opportunities
  • We analyse thoroughly and rationally
  • We take calculated risk


  • We care for and respect each other
  • We care for the world around us
  • We are transparent and act with integrity

Quantafuel draws on 50 years of industry experience and more than 10 years of technological development.

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The Challenge

Plastic is the man-made material growing fastest worldwide, and we have become completely reliant on it. Why?

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Our solution

Our solution

Our solution is to place a value on plastic waste. We must start treating used plastic as a valuable resource, establishing a model for plastic waste collection and upgrading it to recycled products. The entire value chain needs to be circular.

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The Technology

From day one, Quantafuel’s fundamental idea has been to solve the world’s plastic waste problem by transforming soiled plastic into new products. That’s our contribution to the circular economy of plastic waste.

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