The Challenge

Plastic is perhaps the most versatile product ever created by man. It’s the man-made material with the fastest growth worldwide, and we have become completely dependent on it. Why?



The greatest challenge is that the properties that make plastic great to use, also make it a huge threat to the environment. 





The greatest challenge 

We use plastic in computers, clothes, cell phones, TVs, aircraft, packaging, building and construction, and even paint. There are currently no satisfactory replacements for plastic, because of its unique properties: it’s inexpensive, durable, easy to produce in bulk and easy to shape – properties that wood, metal and glass are unable to match. We depend on plastic and its amazing properties.

The greatest challenge is that the very same properties that make plastic great to use, also make it a huge threat to the environment. Plastic doesn’t decompose, and it’s rarely recycled or reused. Plastic waste comes in many forms (there are approximately 50 different types of plastic molecules), and the plastic types are often mixed after use. Because of this, we are only able to recycle around 10% worldwide.

Plastic doesn’t decompose, and it is rarely recycled or reused.

The first problem is that used plastic is virtually worthless. We collect steel and other metals because they can easily be melted down and reused. Mixed plastic waste, however, has no reasonable recycling value today.

The second problem is that plastic doesn’t decompose. While food waste decomposes and disappears, plastic waste builds up. The third problem is that plastic is almost impossible to recover once it enters the natural cycle. Is there really no solution?

Our Solution

Our Solution

Our solution is to place a value on plastic waste. We must start treating used plastic as a valuable resource, establishing a model for plastic waste collection and upgrading it to recycled products. The entire value chain needs to be circular.

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The Technology

From day one, Quantafuel’s fundamental idea has been to solve the world’s plastic waste problem by transforming soiled plastic into new products. This is our contribution to the circular economy of plastic waste.


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Plants & Projects

In line with Quantafuel’s vision to become the world’s most significant contributor to the sustainable handling of plastic waste, we are now ready to roll out technology and plants throughout Europe.

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